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Safely clean light dirt, dust and grime off interior vinyl, plastic, and leather surfaces (except suede), while leaving behind a non-greasy, matte look — just like it looked from the factory. Anti-static and UV blocking agents bounce off dust and protect against sun damage. You can also use on door panels, dashboard, center consoles, and vents. For very dirty surfaces use 3rd Alarm Multi Purpose Cleaner first.


16oz bottle with sprayer 

Interior Detailer

SKU: 91100004
  • 1. Spray Interior Detailer directly onto a clean, folded microfiber towel or microfiber applicator.

    2. Wipe the surface with the microfiber towel or applicator.

    3. Switch to a clean, folded, microfiber towel and rub in/ wipe off any remaining residue.

    For best results, re-apply every four weeks (or as needed) for maintenance.    

    Do Not Use on cloth upholstery, suede or navigation & entertainment screens. Please read the warning label and directions before use.

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