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  • Other companies have dozen of ceramic coatings, why not you?
    Ok we get it, we are new here. We took a bunch of time and determine there is no need to have dozens of coatings. Our selection is simple, we have 2. First we have the ceramic spray "Ceramic 1st In" which is a fantastic 1 year durability coating. Our second option is a 9H hard coating which anyone can use, thats right anyone. A professional grade coating made not to have high spots nor have issues if applying in heat. This is a 5-6 year coating. On either of the two options above use the "Volly Detailer" or "Graphene Detailer" between some washes and either of these coating will continue to last, forever.
  • If my vehicle is old and faded, how do I use ceramic coating?
    It's very important to have a successful outcome you start with a clean base. We are not selling magic here. Unlike other things you see on the internet we are straight forward. If you have swirls, oxidation, hazing or those horrible car wash marks. You will want to use our Speed Compound on a orbital buffer to remove those marks. Then use our Surface Prep spray to have a clean surface before applying any of our ceramic coatings.
  • Why ceramic coating over traditional wax?
    Very common question in todays world. Like anything, chemical technology changes daily. Everyday we try and find something to make our lives easier and to maximize our day. Same as why you're seeing vehicles come with synthetic oil versus conventional oil. Ceramic coating last 10x longer than any good old fashion wax without the cost increasing the same. Ceramic is a hard coating that is paint friendly, putting a layer of protection over your paint. Instead of waxing your cars twice a year just use ceramic once or every 6 years pending the product.
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