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This super hydrophobic Glass Coat.It can be used on glass windshields, building windows, shower enclosures and mirrors. On Vehicle Windshields, it is designed to repel water for 3+ years or up to ONE Million Wiper Wipes. Glass Coat.It lasts up to 10 years on building windows with proper maintenance. Clean and maintain with soap and water, to keep the extreme hydrophobic properties viable.

Glass Coat.It

SKU: 91100014
  • Out of direct sunlight, temperature 55-95 degrees. 



    1. Clean the glass surface with Glass Cleaner or soap & water.

    2. Ensure that the surface is dry and all residues, soaps and oils are completely removed.



    1. Apply 10-12 drops onto a

    microfiber applicator, and the glass.

    2. Using the applicator, spread the coating evenly onto the glass surface, via Circle & Cross Hatching patterns. 

    3. Cures in one hour, but allow 24 hours before getting it wet.

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