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This is a silica (SiO2) infused sealant, quick detail spray, drying aid and a waterless car wash...ALL IN ONE. Use as a top coat on any of our ceramic coatings. The soaps & emulsifiers break down, absorb and dissolve light dust and road grime, so it can be safely and easily lifted off and removed with a microfiber towel leaving behind a super glossy &  hydrophobic surface. Can be used on glass, chrome, plastic trim, and wheels. This is great to keep your vehicle looking great, right before parades and shows.


16oz bottle with sprayer

Ceramic Volly Detailer

SKU: 91100011
  • While working from the top of the vehicle down, spray 3 - 4 sprays directly onto the surface and onto a damp microfiber towel. Lightly wipe the wetted surface with a damp microfiber towel. Using a different microfiber towel, buff remaining product residue to remove any streaks and smears. If streaks appear,  use a light spray of Detail Spray onto the panel and gently wipe with your secondary towel. It can be used in direct sunlight, but for the best results, it is recommended to use it in the shade. 

    Drying aid: When the vehicle is rinsed and still wet spray 1 spray per panel. Then use a microfiber drying towel to dry the vehicle.

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