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This is a 3-5+ year duarabilty, very EASY-TO-USE, DIY ceramic coating, also used by

Detailing Professionals. Designed for ease of use and extended working time.

Replace applicator and microfiber towels halfway through the coating job, or as needed. For best results, please apply in a temperature controlled environment. Extreme heat, cold and humidity can affect the flashing and cure time.


How to video: 3rd Alarm Ceramic Coat Process


Use our Volly Detailer or Graphene Coating for maintenance throught the year. Using these products a few times over the years will make the main coating last for many many years.


Do not get the surface wet for 4-6 hours. Do not wash or rub the coating for 14 hours. It will not hurt anything besides remove the coating and it will need re applied. The better that you maintain and care for the coating, the longer it will look amazing.

Ceramic Coat.It

SKU: 91100013

    1. Clean, decontaminate and dry the surface.

    2. Paint correct/ polish/ repair surface scratches.

    3. Remove all polishing oils and silicones with 3rd Alarm Surface Prep



    1. Pour 10-15 drops evenly onto the microfiber applicator.

    2. Apply the coating evenly to the entire panel, first moving in a circular pattern, and then in a crosshatch/ back & forth pattern. 

    Be sure to achieve 100% panel coverage.

    3. Level the coating using a dry, folded, flat

    microfiber towel, using the palm of your hand.

    4. Buff off the remaining coating residue with another dry, folded, flat microfiber towel.

    5. Repeat this process, panel by panel, until the entire vehicle is ceramic coated and leveled off.

    High spots look darker and can be reactivated, leveled off and buffed into a high shine.  

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