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This is an easy-to-use, go to, water-based spray-on ceramic coating. It greatly enhances the gloss and slipperiness of the surface, while creating a hydrophobic (water beading and sheeting) effect that can last up to 1 year. Spray-On Ceramic Coating can be used as a topper, on previously ceramic coated vehicles or on a non-ceramic coated vehicle surface. Use on Paint, Glass, Plastic and Rubber. One spray bottle can do an entire fire truck or RV.


8oz. bottle with sprayer.


How to video:

3rd Alarm Ceramic Coat Process Here


Ceramic 1st In

SKU: 91100001
  • Prep Instructions: 

    1. Wash vehicles using our Foam.It Soap 2. (Optional) Clay vehicle using clay sponge & clay lubricant, or other decontamination method of your choice. 3. Paint correction, (if needed) us our Speed Compound.  4. Before using Spray-On Ceramic, remove all polishing oils, waxes and other residues with 3rd Alarm Surface Prep Spray (Do NOT skip this step).



    1. Spray a very light mist onto the clean working surface — a little goes a long way. 2. Rub in and spread using a clean microfiber towel.3. Quickly wipe/buff using another clean microfiber towel. 4. Repeat until all surfaces are slick and glossy. 

    Note: If possible allow vehicles to remain indoors or away from any outdoor elements for at least 2 hours. Not needed but you can layer this product for extra durability after 1 hour. Best results if used out of high heat, direct sunlight. 

    How to video.

    Do Not Use on excessively soiled, sandy, muddy or abrasive surfaces. Remove heavy mud first. Please read the warning label and directions before use.  For more information see

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